Easiest Way to Prepare Perfect Zafrani pista falooda

Zafrani pista falooda. Kesar Pista Falooda with step by step photos. Unlike other falooda varieties where milk is added directly, here the milk is simmered with saffron and pistachios first and then cooled later. Thai Style – Stir Fried Ice Cream Rolls.

Zafrani pista falooda But today I am sharing simple Pista. Homemade Falooda recipe is easy to make and cheaper too. It is rose flavored dessert recipe with many Falooda Recipe – very delicious and yummy beverage dessert that is flavored with Rose syrup. You can cook Zafrani pista falooda using 5 ingredients and 1 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Zafrani pista falooda

  1. You need 1 liter of milk.
  2. You need 6 tbsp of sugar.
  3. You need 2 packet of China grass pista flavor.
  4. Prepare 6 tbsp of Chop pistachios.
  5. You need of Saffron few threads.

Zafrani Aloo, Mughlai Dal & Zafrani Mukhni Rice – Learn Mughlai cuisine from this video, the recipes Zafrani Falooda زعفرانی فالودہ – Falooda is a very favorite dish of many people but bad thing is. Explore Pista Falooda's (@pista-falooda) posts on Pholder Refreshing easy falooda recipe made in pista flavour. This is a quick falooda recipe.

Zafrani pista falooda step by step

  1. Zafrani pista falooda In pan add 1 liter milk add 6 tablespoons sugar and 2 packet china grass powder pista flavor make sure lums nay baney mix well and cooked until milk boil add chop pista and zafran (saffron) threads 6 to 8 set them and serve chilled.

It is very delicious and perfect for this summer. I have already shared mango falooda, rose falooda. Falooda is an Indian version of a cold dessert made with noodles. Home » FoodFood » Turban Tadka » Firni Falooda. How to make Firni Falooda -.

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